barebones themes

As I have suggested elsewhere, this blog will be built up of themes

New themes may be added along the way, but the themes so far, are: 

main themes:

gestalt psychology, tagged as gestalt psychology

gestalt factors, tagged as gestalt factor 

semiology or semiotics, tagged as semiology and/or semiotics

hermeneutics and phenomenology, tagged as hermeneutics and/or phenomenology

naturalistic human sciences, tagged as naturalism (not yet in operation)

barebones notebook, tagged as notebook

barebones toolbox, tagged as toolbox 

minor themes: 

miscellaneous, posts that do not belong to any other theme, mostly of informative character

picture, all posts that contains pictures in them 

barebones pitstop, posts that mainly are famous or non-famous quotations, that may add to the picture, and give inspiration for further reading. These pitstops will be posted without any further comments from me, which means that you yourself have to elaborate on them, and make them meaningful. Pitstops will be tagged as pitstop. (Not yet in operation).

multiple tagging

Posts will normally not have one tag only, but more tags. This is to make sure that, even if you don’t follow this tight tag structure when searching for themes, but a more intuitive method, you will most likely get to your destination anyway.

Good luck with it. 


This post has also been posted as a page. I need to do some retagging in former posts, but that will be done in a couple of days time. Best way to navigate this blog is through the tag cloud.


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