Steuart Henderson Britt has Passed Away.

And while we are at it; I managed to track down Britt the last day of the last year.

I talk about Steuart Henderson Britt, who wrote Psychological Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Lexington Books, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA (Library Thing). And one of my all times favorites in terms of content and systematics in this area. In his book he even has a good chapter on gestalt psychology, which is pretty rare.

Why did I want to track him down? To have his permission to quote from his book on this blog. Remember that I told you, that barebones stands on 4 legs? One of these legs are the naturalistic inspiration within the human sciences. Britt is the reference I will use – for the most part anyway. 

Only thing with this book is that the title is a bit misleading. The title explicitly is to narrow, in my humble opinion.  This is a base book on communication in general, and well worth using here.

So, I started writing to the publisher in Massachusetts. The answer came promptly:

Dear Mr. Skjaerven,

Lexington no longer controls the rights to this book.  You may want to contact Northwestern University which has an archive of the author’s work.  Here is the information from the website”.

Then I wrote to Northwestern University, and I had a very friendly chat with Kevin B. Leonard. I couple of emails into the correspondence, I wrote:

Dear Kevin B. Leonard

Thanks you for your answer.

No, I don’t think that is any risk involved here. I don’t see what risk that could be other than revitalizing the book and the great work Henderson Britt has done. I’ll be more than happy to refer to NUL with every quote. 

BTW, its ironical that I end up talking to you :-).  In the late seventies I bought a copy of all the books you had in your series: Phenomenology & Existential Philosophy. These books,in fact, will be one of the main inspirations for dealing with communication on my blog. Interesting how things can turn out.

Best wishes

Knut Skjærven  

 Kevin B. Leonard answered:

Dear Knut,

Thanks for your message.  Good luck with your blog.  Please don’t feel you must refer to NUL (ed. Northwestern University Library).  I do hope you will feel free to refer to Britt and the fact that his papers are here at Northwestern.  We’re always happy to deal with interested patrons … (ed: continued).

Best wishes,Kevin 

Unfortunately, Steuart Henderson Britt passed away in 1979, and Northwestern University Archieves, that hold his papers in their archives are in no position to tell me who has the copyright at present. They simply don’t know. Steuart Henderson Britt had no children, and his wife has presumably passed away as well.

Quotations from the book in question, will be made by fair use and respect for the limitations given below:

Copyright, Terms and Conditions, Citations

Return to patron information


Northwestern University Archives provides access to its holdings for educational and research purposes. The written permission of the copyright holders and/or other rights holders (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) is required for distribution, reproduction, or other use of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use or other statutory exemptions. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure such permission from the copyright holders. For original materials (including photographs) whose copyright is held by the Northwestern University Archives, permission should be obtained from Patrick M. Quinn, University Archivist. In many cases, the University Archives does not hold that copyright.


1. The user assumes all responsibility for infringement of copyright. (See statement below.)

2. Permission for use of archival photographs is granted for one-time use only; photographs may not be reused, republished, or conveyed to any other party without permission from the Northwestern University Archives.

3. Photographs used in publications must carry the credit line:



[date and title of document], [Series Title], Northwestern University Archives, Evanston, Illinois




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