Max Wertheimer Would Have Loved It (Brief 04)

Gosh, I must have been preparing for the barebones blog for many years already. Since I have all these pictures that seem to fit the theme.

I just loaded a post on gestalt direction, and while writing it I had this picture in my mind all the time. But I left it for you even if it would have been much easier for me to comment on, than the two pictures I included in the post.

So, it is your turn. Take a crack at it, and tell yourself how this picture illustrates The Factor of Direction. Don’t post a comment for everybody to read unless your are absolutely sure that you want to mingle with the rest of the world. Must easier to stay Web 1.0. Right?

One photograph coming up. Max Wertheimer would have loved it.

 Long and Winding Road.

More on barebones notebook.

Good luck with it 🙂 .


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