Phenomenological Method: 4. Watching Modes of Appearing.


“Phenomenology is the systematic exploration of the phenomena not only in the sense of what appears, whether particulars or general essences, but also of the way in which things appear. To be sure, not all phenomenologists have paid equal attention to this aspect of phenomenological research. But is has been prominent in Husserl’s phenomenological work, beginning with the Logische Untersuchungen. Here the studies of intentional acts laid particular emphasis on the ways of appearance (Erscheinungsweisen) of the intentional objects. Obviously the contrast between the appearance and what appears, as implied in this connection, is not that between appearance and a reality which may actually be an unknowable thing-in-itself. What is involved is merely the way in which an object which is by no means beyond our range of knowledge present itself to us. These ways of appearing are usually overlooked in our preoccupation with what appears”.

the phenomenological movement. a historical introduction by herbert spiegelberg, essentials of the method, page 703-704. martinus nijhoff publishers 1984, the hague/boston/lancaster. 



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