Barthes’ Connotation Procedures in Photography.

One of the major thinkers on photography is Roland Barthes. He has written a number of important texts that I will refer to on the blog. Barthes worked within the semiological tradition. In his article from 1961 The Photographic Message he talks about connotation procedures.

It is, according to Barthes, “possible to separate out various connotation procedures”. I will use Barthes’ “headlines” from his article, but bring in my own elaboration and examples. And pictures.

Barthes works with 6  procedures in his scheme. I will treat each one separately in forthcoming posts.

1. Trick effects

2. Pose

3. Objects

4. Photogenia

5. Aestheticism

6. Syntax

Stay tuned for a short separate treatment of each of Barthes’ connotation procedures. For a shortcut to some of his famous articles, please see the book referred to in Library Link below.

When I post on the individual procedures, I will link the separate posts from this introductory post. So, eventually you will be able to reach all posts from this post. Look for the links above, and you will notice that the post on 3. Objects is already there.

Good luck with it.

Library Thing. (Roland Barthes: Image, Music, Text, pages 15-31, Fontana Press 1977, UK. Essays selected and translated by Stephen Heath)

Buy the English translation of Barthes’ work. Follow the link and support the site:

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