from bare bones to bare breasts

Speaking about soft tissue.

This morning I read about a commercial for a Danish retailer, Fleggaard. Fleggaard has made an astonishing commercial, which primary aim is to attract Danish males to their border shops just inside Germany. The company sells a variety of products, but this particular commercial is for a washing machine.  And Fleggaard is doing well since the commercial has already drawn 100.000 plus hits on their website. You’ll find a link to the commercial below the picture.

The reason for all the attention is that the commercial shows rows of beautiful women showing off, not their bare bones, but their bare breasts. And that, it seems, is always a good story.

The issue in this connection is this: does attractive naked, of half naked women, sell products? Or do they simply obscure or hide the real message? There are people to support both view, but what is your opinion about this? In general, and related to this particular commercial? TechCrunch labels the commercial “Quite Simply The Best Commercial Ever Made”. Do you agree?

Before you dive into the commercial, please consider this post as barebones notebook post. Let’s have your opinion on the following: do you find resources on the barebones blog, that can help you elaborate on the questions above?   My suggestion is that you  use the following barebones resources to deal with the questions: denotation and connotation, and the barebones CET-system for analysing commercials.

Fleggaard Commercial Screenshot

See the movie here.

Screenshot is published with permission from Fleggaard, Denmark.

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