Susan Boyle: I am 47, and that’s just one side of me.

I have never heard of Susan Boyle. Have you? She is a contester in Britain’s Got Talent. A friend sent me a link yesterday, and I am speechless.

I can’t embed the video from YouTube so you have to activate the link below.

She is 47, and that is just one side of her. See the other side.

Why do I post this link here? Well, hermeneutics is all  about accepting pre-conceptions, pre-judgement as an element of understanding. Let Susan Boyle sing for you, and you will know what I mean. Look at, and listen to the judges in particular. Then the audience. Someone certainly got their pre-conception modified here. And so did I. This is the hermeneutic circle on parade.

There is a little side effect here as well. Look at the video a couple of times, and please notice that the looks of Susan Boyle gets a little better after each view. Connotations on the moved.  Barebones calls this phenomenon the Susan Boyle Syndrome. From now on.

The Susan Boyle Syndrome goes like this: The more you get to enjoy a thing, the more positive connotations will be. Connotations change. This sounds very simple, and rather obvious in this case. My point is simply this; when you work with communication (on every level and within every area), it is a good idea to take;  a) a closer look on what is going on, b) extract and refine basics principles and c) put these principles to use in future communication.

As a digression, I should point out that the ability to learn from everyday experience like The Susan Boyle event, is of paramount importance when working with, and within, creativity models. It is simply, stated once again, a tactic for new combinations of elements. In other words Creatics.

Regarding Susan Boyle, my guess is that we have only seen the beginning yet. And barebones will stay tuned.

And what a great sentence that is: I am 47, and that’s just one side of me. Lots of new combinations there. Love it.


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