Danish Mother Seeking Father of Child.

When you have seen this movie give it a thought.

This is actually a commercial done by advertising agency Grey for the official Danish tourist organization Visit Denmark. Believe it or not, its aim it to pursue tourists to come to Denmark on vacation. Free the Dane In You they state on their English website.

The hidden, but somewhat problematic story, is that Denmark is a free, liberal and tolerant country. (Not all foreigners will agree to that). However, if you buy the message, you might get severely drunk in a bar one night and have free blond sex as an extra. You will not remember much of it though. Maybe that is the real benefit here.

The girl’s name is not Karen, it is Ditte. She is an actor. She does not have a son, and was paid to do this job as a blond young mother. Even the accent is good. The viral advert  has done really well on You Tube with more than 800.000 viewers in a few days. I am sure that there will be more. Read more faking facts here.

The point is that you cannot be sure that even this is the truth, can you?  Since you will never know when the lies ends and the truth begins. If it begins. Actually this could be an advert for the Swedish tourist authorities to have people come to Sweden. Sweden is in the same corner of the world anyway, so if you get drunk enough you may actually forget to get off the plane, hit the wrong road, or take a fake taxi. Probably you will not even remember.

If this starts to get you a bit dizzy make a quick decision: go to Norway in stead. It is the same direction coming in from most places of the world. Drinks are much more expensive than they are in Danish bars, and it is of no use lying about it. Likely, you cannot afford to get that drunk. Besides the girls are better looking.

And who knows, you might even become a father :-).

Seriously: This Danish tourist advert is not even barely the bones, if you know what I mean. Read more here if you want to check it for efficiency. The advert blunders on The Simple Truth from the CET Checklist.

You may want to read this post as well. Just to do some benchmarking. Maybe the best commercial ever made?

Before you Free the Dane In You, give it a good thinker.

Good luck with it.


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