KleinGeld Phenomenology: Introduction. (Like in Eating Elephants).

Shadowing. Copyright 2009. Knut Skjærven

Shadowing By Bones. Copyright 2009. Knut Skjærven

It has been my idea, for some time now, to take a closed look at phenomenology. I suggested that in a post loaded not so long ago. I called that post Phenomenology: The Larger Picture. There I promised a post on presence and absence, as that pair is one of the fundamentals of phenomenology. That post will come in this section.

I have hereby suggested that I am starting a new barebones section.

I have no idea at the moment of how many posts there will go to conclude this section. As I indicated, in a former post, we are breaking new ground here so we will have to see how much kleingeld we will be able to gather along the way.

Why kleingeld? I am sure that you wonder about this strange German word now in the caption of a post written in English (well, I do my best). Klein means small, and Geld means money or coins. So what we have here then is SmallMoney or SmallCoins Phenomenology.

And that is just what it is: SmallCoins Phenomenology, or KleinGeld Phenomenology. The phrase actually stems from Edmund Husserl (remember the father of phenomenology).  I think it is from his Göttingen period (I will have to look that up). He was greeted by his students by the large scale and the large view of his emerging phenomenology, responding to them with the following remark. “Not so fast gentlemen, KleinGeld, KleinGeld”. Like in eating elephants: you need to take one bite at the time. So that is how this section is going to proceed: one bite at the time.

I let you in on what sources that I going to use. I have already told you how impressed I am with Robert Sokolowski’s “Introduction to Phenomenology” first published in 2000. It is in terms of actuality way beyond what I have ever seen in this area. In fact it is very Husserlian, not written like a phone book but as a letter of introduction. I like that. Go get that book.

I am going to use that book as inspiration. And I am going to use his Sokolowski’s “Husserlian Meditations” from 1974 as well (yes that old).  The last one is a much heavier work to get through. But it links me to the original passages in Hussel’s original texts.

I will tag posts in this section properly so that it is easy for you to find the posts later. Tags will be “KleinGeld Phenomenology” and/or “SmallCoins Phenomenology”.

Most important for those who work within the communication areas is that “I will shadow” the genuine KleinGeld subjects to the communication area. I will make suggestions of how to use the small coins experiences when doing and undoing pieces of communication. You being an advertiser, text writer, visual designer, copywriter, elephant eater, photographer,  Visit Denmark Employee (remember the Danish mother seeking …)  or other.

Oh, one last thing. This KleinGeld Section will probably be the most important and original on this blog. It is going change your way of thinking and of working with communication. Simple as that.

Only left to say then this Saturday in Copenhagen, Denmark: Welcome to the section KleinGeld Phenomenology. No, I have not forgotten Thandie Part II.

Have a good day.


Page pointing to all the posts in this section.

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