Ladies Here We Come.

One of the most talked about Danish commercials in 2008 was Fleggaard’s commercial for a washing machine. Promoted mainly by bare breasts.

Titled by one if the best barebones captions that years: from bare bones to bare breasts. Now Fleggaard has done it again, but this time aimed at women. “Ladies here we come”.

Apart from the gender difference in the two commercials, there are other differences too. Try check this new Fleggaard commercial in the Communication Efficiency Test (CET), and see how it falls out. Something like this. Your turn.

You could also go behind the scenes of Fleggaard’s latest commercial, or take a look at all the provocative commercials from one site. You need to state that you are over 18 to watch them. Click the link “se filmen” on the right hand side of each commercial to get them rolling.

Fleggaard operates just over the border from Denmark into Germany having large groups of customers from Denmark every day. The company is a successful Danish retailer. As his location, so his commercials: just over the border. People seems to enjoy them.

Good luck with it with the commercial entertainment from Fleggaard.


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