Visit New Street Agenda. Barebones Communication continues there.


Greeting © Knut Skjærven.


Thank you for visiting Barebones Communication.

Barebones Communication was created in 2007. I wanted to gather information that is basic for understanding visual communication. It was never intended as a blog about photography.

But it turned out that way.

Soon I had more sites. More and more they dealt with photography and particularly street photography.

Here are the sites you want to visit:

Phenomenology and Photography (2010); Street Photographer’s Toolbox (2012); Berlin Black and White (2010) and The Europeans (2012).

Barebones Communication is the mother blog for what was developed on later blogs.

You should read the blogs starting with Barebones Communication. Continue with Phenomenology and Photography (2010); and Street Photographer’s Toolbox (2012).

Berlin Black and White (2010) and The Europeans (2012) are picture blogs.

I 2014 I decided to move everything over to New Street Agenda. All the blogs mentioned above continues at New Street Agenda.

Hope to see you at New Street Agenda.

Have a good day :-).

Best regards
Knut Skjærven
Copenhagen, January 14, 2019.

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